KCI University (Online Campus)
KCI University is an online school with the purpose of educating the Body of Christ regarding the revelation and manifestation of the the Kingdom of God.  The school’s curriculum is centered around God’s heart for establishing the blue print of Heaven in the earth through our journey of lordship, kingship and sonship in Him.  Accomplishing this also includes equipping believers with a foundational understanding of God’s purposes which are executed through Heaven’s governmental operations and systems. The school provides live and on-demand sessions with ‘hands-on’ applications and training for each course.  Our KCI teaching staff is passionate about pouring into all of our students and we are so excited about this unique matriculation through God’s Kingdom purpose.  Please stay tuned for the Grand opening of KCI University with more information about how you can register for the ultimate LIFE CHANGING experience!
UPLOAD Proof of Passing The Walk of The Spirit Course w/ KCI